Looking Towards Tomorrow

Looking Towards Tomorrow brings Gilana's Fund's message of acceptance directly to today's youth.  Through scholarships and grants for exisitng programs and the creation of additional educational resources, Looking Towards Tomorrow aims to create a future culture of acceptance and understanding by educating and empowering the next generation.  

Gilana was a huge advocate for education, positive programming for students, and social activism.  During her formative years, she went into area schools with Muskegon Civic Theatre's Repertory Touring Company which presented short musicals with important messages.  These messages ranged from drug & substance Abuse Prevention, to the popular "Schoolhouse Rock!" songs promoting that "knowledge is power."   When Gilana returned from Poland where she travelled with Channel One News as a student reporter for the 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz, she took her many photos and transformed them into a slide show.  With these slides, she began a speaking tour through area middle and high schools to share her experience and teach the importance of acceptance.  Throughout high school Gilana served on the Youth Advisory Council helping fund youth-centered programming, and through her youth group, was able to attend leadership seminars and share her talents to help empower others.  Looking Towards Tomorrow continues Gilana's work and brings the important message of the Fund to future generations.

There are many exciting programs that we're excited to develop over the next couple of years.  Some of these ideas include:

  • Downloadable curriculum for teachers, created by Aleza Alpert Elles (M.E. Michigan State University), aimed to enhance acceptance skills through a variety of educational strategies and activities.
  • Scholarships for youth to attend and participate in programming that will benefit their leadership skills, community building, and inclusive/acceptance empowerment.
  • Grants given to communities after review of a youth-driven program which will take the principles of Gilana's Fund into their backyards.
  • School speakers & assemblies to bring the message of acceptance into schools through Gilana's Fund original programming.  

To apply for a Looking Towards Tomorrow Grant, click here!

For more information, or ways to get involved, please contact us!